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17 Feb

Coventry woman completes half marathon just weeks after having nSTRIDE

A Coventry woman is celebrating completing the city’s half marathon and raising over £1,000 for charity just weeks after having nSTRIDE® APS at the Midland Knee Protect Clinic.

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03 Dec

Craig overcomes historic sporting injury thanks to revolutionary knee treatment

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24 Nov

Rugeley woman’s new lease of life after ‘miracle’ knee treatment

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19 Oct

nSTRIDE treatment offered at the Midland Knee Protect Clinic mentioned in Daily Mail article

A recent article by the Daily Mail highlights the effectiveness of nSTRIDE to help the explorer Steve Backshall's osteoarthritis.

As an explorer, adventurer and lover of endurance sports, a stint on Strictly Come Dancing should have been a breeze for Steve Backshall.Yet the BAFTA-winning television presenter faced an endurance battle, as he jived and quick-stepped with partner Ola Jordan in 2014, as a result of agonising pain in his right knee; pain which would subsequently be diagnosed as osteoarthritis. ‘It was just awful,’ recalls Steve, 48, who lives in Berkshire with wife Helen Glover, the Olympic gold medal rower, and their three children, Logan, three, and twins Kit and Willow, one. ‘My knee had been giving me a bit of trouble ever since I broke my left ankle in a climbing accident in 2010. It took 11 operations to try and fix the ankle but I never let up on my expeditions and adventures. ‘Throughout that time, to compensate for the weakness on my left, I was putting pressure on the opposite side of my body — and my right knee was absorbing all that. ‘The pain in my knee started slowly, but by the time I was on Strictly it was agony.’

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28 Jul

Sutton Coldfield podiatrist hails new treatment for knee arthritis

A 43-year-old podiatrist from Sutton Coldfield who suffered from crippling knee pain is relishing her new lease of life after ‘game-changing’ biologics therapy1.

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27 Feb

12 Most Common Knee Injuries

As one of the most injured body parts, the knee certainly endures some harsh treatment. Injuries involve ligaments, bone, tendons, and cartilage. Overuse, accidents, improper training, and high-impact sports sends millions of people to the hospital every year for severe knee joint pain and injury. Since the knee is made up of four components, the list of common injuries is long. Traffic accidents, falls, and sports are most often to blame, but general physical activity and wear and tear can also injure the knee.

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16 Jan

What Can I Do If My Knee Pain Is Restricting Mobility?

Knee stiffness and pain can drastically affect your day-to-day life. Simple tasks become a challenge as you try to work around or through your pain. For temporary injuries or mild pain, the PRICE treatment can help. But for more serious injuries or musculoskeletal ailments like osteoarthritis, you can opt for biologics to greatly reduce pain and improve mobility.

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07 Jan

Best Exercises to Relieve Knee Joint Pain

Knee joint pain can not only keep you from doing the things you love but also prevent you from doing daily tasks. If the thought of bending down, climbing stairs, or even walking makes you hesitate, you should try these knee pain exercises.

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18 Dec

9 Celebrities with Severe Knee Joint Pain

Celebrities are people too. And as such, their bodies suffer from pain and disease like the rest of us. As actors, athletes, and more, the celebrities on this list are no strangers to knee joint pain. Though some may try to hide it, many step forward and use their fame to help others who suffer from similar conditions. They share their stories and the treatments they have used, from regenerative medicine to total knee replacement surgery for their chronic knee joint pain.

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10 Dec

Latest Osteoarthritis News and Breakthroughs

The medical world is making advancements in osteoarthritis treatment at an exceptional rate. New breakthroughs, research, and clinical trials are helping to improve treatments for knee joint pain. Such advancements help make alternatives to a knee replacement more and more effective.

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26 Nov

The Daily Mail talks about Biologics in Painful Knees

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09 Aug

Celebrity chef benefits from Platelet Rich Plasma

Television chef Simon Rimmer, star of Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, has revealed how he has recently benefited from platelet-rich plasma treatment, after being told 5 years ago he would never run again.

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28 Feb

Ostenil Plus (Hyaluronic acid) shows sustained pain relief and improved qulaity of life at 18 months

Stoilov (2011) - No statistically significant difference was identified between the 4 treatment groups in terms of efficacy and safety.

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26 Nov

nSTRIDE 3 year results due

3 year results due shortly

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22 Mar

Study under way comparing nSTRIDE APS with hyaluronic acid for the treatment of knee arthritis

Read more about the study here

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